Pre- Ceremony Festivals in Taiwan

In Taiwan, there are many lovely and exclusive bride traditions. They are steeped in centuries of culture and history. These wedding practices are a great way to deliver the people of the bride and groom up and build a close relationship. These festivities likewise serve to protect the partners and their household from tragedies and sufferings. This article will deliver an overview of some of the most famous post- wedding rituals in Taiwan.

The nanzhai festival is an important pre- marriage ceremony in Taiwan. This is when the bridegroom visits the princess’s home and makes a formal proposal to her home. The wedding frequently comes with surprise goods and presents them to the princess’s kids. Then the households may discuss the details of the marriage and generate various arrangements.

After the nanzhai festival, the wedding is escorted to her groom’s home by her family and friends in a procession with songs and banging. This is a time of joy and festivity. The groom’s community does set off fireworks taiwanese wives to welcome the marital car as it moves closer to the house. The couple’s younger friends may be waiting outside with a black wedding basket and two sizable tangerines wrapped in purple papers to greet the newlyweds.

At the entrance of the house, the couple’s seniors may have to the correct of the falcon and dragon lights while the couple’s elders stand to the left. Then, they will make offerings to the ancestors and pray for their family’s long- lasting happiness and prosperity.

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